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Huye Mountain Coffee

Huye District

Southern Province

Tel: +250 788303678 

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Huye Mountain Coffee has a mission to promote coffee growing as cash crop in Huye region and organize coffee farmers into profitable and saving groups.

Increasing the quality and quantity of coffee crop production through best agronomic practices.

Improving our farmers and employees skills through regular trainings.

Be an exemplary corporate citizen upholding Huye values with total commitment to the communities in which we operate.

We have several hectars of coffee plantations in the highest mountains of Huye, with an attractive view thoughout.

Our coffee planations are finely taken care of to ensure goog quality of cherries. The young green cherries are shinny.

Our cherries are left to mature enough before being hand-picked for a better taste and smell of our coffee.

Hand-picked cherries are carefully washed and sorted to give stainless parchment for a best quality of naturally grilled coffee beans.

Our parchments are neatly grilled to guarantee a best appearance of our coffee beans. Excellent for capuccino and express coffee.

Hmmmm! what a good taste! What a good smell? Our coffee is among the best in Rwanda and in the whole world. It provides uncomparable quality.