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Photos of some of our places

  703 times Posted on : 7 August 2019

These are some photos of our place farmers,farm,parchment ,roasting coffee by tradition method come and enjoy our coffee tour.

Mr David Rubanzangabo founder of huye mountain coffee

  710 times Posted on : 3 July 2019

MR DAVID RUBANZANGABO founder of huye mountain coffee in warehouse behind him there are bags of coffee parchment which is ready for (...)


We are ever Committed to Excellence in agri-business


«Be the leading player and preferred choice for customer satisfaction in the international premium coffee market. - Be seen as one of the most respected companies in the local commercial coffee business while delivering excellence in our products and services. ». Read more».


« promote coffee growing as a cash crop in the Huye region and organize coffee farmers into profitable lending and savings groups. - increase the quality of coffee crop production through the use of agronomic best practices. - improve our farmer’s and employee’s skills Read more».


Were are farmer and customer centrered. Integrity and sustainability, social responsibility and agronomic best practices, innovation and engaged workforce, quality and excellence are all what drive us to delivering and achieving more to your expectation. Read more».


We believe in the coffee processing steps to better produce premium quality coffee beans, and to ensure coffee quality and consistency we’ve developed a program called “what’s inside the cup dedicated to training the staff for our special international clientele Read more»..

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Gest first hand experience on how it is made

22 May 2019 11

At Huye mountain Coffee, we teach you how things are done! Coffee preparation is the process of turning coffee beans into a beverage. While the particular steps vary with (...)

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Learn how coffee is grilled to perfection

22 May 2019 11

At Huye mountain Coffee, we allow you to experience how the best coffee in the world is grilled by professional machines. Our tour package includes touring the fields, (...)

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Huye Mountain Coffee Tours Rwanda

20 May 2019 11

Check out our tour of Huye Mountain Coffee. Located in Huye, Rwanda this coffee plantation and processing facility is literally located on a small mountain. During the (...)

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