The stainless parchment shows the quality of our coffee.

Huye Mountain Coffee is carefully handpicked, washed properly, picked after fermentation step, sun dried on dry tables and hand sorted to ensure only the best coffee beans are processed for our customers. We fine tune every step of the process for excellence in every single cup from our plantations to the cup; we take attention to never make bad coffee as potato test, ferment test or any defect in the cup before we send our coffee on market

The company has its own coffee washing station and cupping laboratory facilities in Huye District. The coffee beans is washed, dried and cupped in the company’s laboratory facility in Huye district before sending it on local and international market.
Huye Mountain Coffee also deals in plantation requirements such as fertilizers and chemicals through its agricultural department.


Huye mountain Coffee also has the capacity to produce 1500 tons of cherries per annum, for which it has a sizable export market. Huye mountain coffee is from the Maraba region which is one of the rare coffee strains that is recognized internationally as a premium brand. Huye mountain coffee has three packages of roasted coffee bean and ground coffee , the 500gms , the 250 grams and the 100 grams, we currently distribute the packed coffee mainly in the local market and the E.African region.

We supply our products to Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

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